Misha is the beautiful new CradleKit by Linda. This Worldwide Release contains the vinyl head, three-quarter length arms and legs and a wrap-round Tummy Plate. All made of the most beautiful SilkSoft vinyl. She also comes with an Ultrasuede body.

Misha is 20" - 21" when complete and takes 20/22mm eyes depending upn make and shape.

What does this kit include?

Misha comes with her own Certificate of Authenticity.

All our CradleKIts are designed especially for the Reborn Artist.

The amount of love, care and attention to detail is of the highest standard makes our CradleKits easier to paint and root.


The realism that is achieved in the reborning starts with the fine detail of the sculpt and the meticulous work that is carried out right through the creative mold making process to the production of the vinyl parts. The Ultrasuede cloth bodies are produced to the same exacting standards.


The photographs show Misha reborn and and is not what is sold by the Distributors.