Rags dolls to reborns

In 1997 Linda started to develop an extension to her rag dolls and through the following years they became more sophicticated, durable and beautiful.

The process became know as ShellCloth whereby layers of cloth with features were coated with an array of solutions to stiffen and harden the cloth so that it became virtually unbreakable, the colours did not fade and they were able to stand alone and be very easy to pose.

Generally, the eyes were all hand painted and glazed. Only when Linda developed ShellChina did she start using mouth blown glass eyes. The depth of emotion and realism she developed is obvious in the photographs below.



Every single aspect and part of each and every doll was hand made by Linda - including the outfits.Some have moulded and painted hair like The Pippins. Others have alpaca mohair and human hair wigs.


These unique cloth, ShellCloth and ShellChina dolls

became very collectible and are still highly sought after today.