Beauty & Realism

by Linda Murray


Master Doll Artist

Linda Murray

Linda Murray

Linda Murray has been a doll maker virtually all of her adult life. Linda started making dolls when her children were very young and she was always highly creative with her doll making. She invented new mediums such as ShellCloth and ShellChina and worked tirelessly on improving her sculpting techniques and artistic abilities. Those many years of painstaking attention to detail have certainly paid off.

Linda produces the finest sculpts for collectors and production companies
and our very special creative art company called

     The Cradle Ltd.

The Artist

The Artistic process

Firstly there will be a discussion between Linda and John as to what size and look and age the baby should be. Many hours are spent pouring over photographs of real babies until that special one crops up and stands out from the rest. Linda will start the sculpt working from the picture and that will be improved and refined again and again until the “look” is perfect. During the sculpting process, Linda will incorporate small but important details to ensure that the end reborning process is not forgotten. No matter how good a sculpt it has to translate into a first class reborn kit.

Linda's work


The Artist


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